Stern Mosey Design Build begins at your point of passion.  Your dream of a living art called your home.  Then we take it from there.  Until it's real.


Residential homes

We believe in trusting you to know what you want.  We might suggest, inspire, take the burden off a difficult choice - but ultimately we are your champions.  We are going to make real that home you always knew was there for you.

Commercial concepts

If you have a commercial project just slightly off the beaten path of the usual, we are the brainy, kindly, creative gunslingers who can make the project happen before its due date.  And with budget and goals intact.  


Dream & then Some Remodels

Maybe you're not looking for bliss in your kitchen.  Or a steamy Amazonian feel in your shower.  But a lot of our client friends are.  We do things like that.  Make you happy every time you grill, walk outside, or go take a bath.  

Dreams that become reality need experienced guidance, some inspired sweaT, And just the right mix of You and Us imagining together.  


We take a great location, great clients, great designers and architects, and we come up with the kind of story you love to tell when you have friends over to sit on that gorgeous patio with the built in grill over by the Jacuzzi.



Just good enough is not good enough for us.


We like homes like you do.  Kind of gorgeous.  Made to last, and born to dazzle.   But still comfortable enough to kick back and feel like the world can do whatever it wants out there.  But in here?  In here it's really, really nice.


Go ahead.  Unlock it.  It's yours.  You built it.  


We won't kid you.  We have highly honed skills and we are not afraid to use them on your behalf.  We will make a ravishing master bedroom out of the ashes of a mediocre same-old-thing that was there before.  Or a second-story addition you didn't believe was possible.  That's what we do.  That's our special power.


High-end living on Wilshire Blvd


Business as usual is not what we do.  The same old thing is not what we end up with,.  We do the exceptional thing in a solid way to get what you wished for in an imperfect world.  Here it is.  We love it when you love it.  


Sometimes simple is complex, and complex simple.


We take the messy, daunting, overwhelming process of building beautiful new homes, or sophisticated kitchens, or breathtaking bathrooms, and make it: simple.  

Really.  Really. Simple.

Call us today.  We would love to help you design your most beautiful home ever...

Call us today.  We would love to help you design your most beautiful home ever...